Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Consternation: Shihonage

Dang, I did it again. I thought I had it down pat. I mean it wasn't perfect, but it looked ok. Today, I find myself slipping. What is it that I'm forgetting?

Katatedori Shihonage

1. Kamae and Chushin. Check.
2. Extension and relaxed. Check.
3. Half step, sink and keep extension. Or is it entering musubi? Problem here, definitely.
4. Kuzushi. Not happening. Well maybe 10%. Disaster is looming.
4a. Cut through uke's center? Awase on the tegatana... Check. Doesn't have the same feel here.
4b. Absorbing musubi... not working. Should have I started with the musubi drills first? I think we'll have to revisit that again. Like urgently.
5. Big circle lead. 50:50.
5a. Connect to center and sink. Check. Still no where close to kinonagare. Need to improve my kaiten.

Playing with expanding the chushin line... say maybe 15-30 degree's. Sort of into Watanabe's stance-like. It seems to help everyone. Makes them think about the thin red line besides their elbow and not cross over it. The big expansive movement helps give them the picture in order to proceed to the smaller movement.

Kosadori Shihonage. Not much of a problem here. Floating hand is quite doable. Would work harder to make it lighter though. Imperceptibly, now that's the goal.

Yokomenuchi Shihonage. 
Entering the spirit. 50:50. Losing my focus. Why must I use 100% focus to achieve this? Sensei says playful mind and acceptance. It feels like I'm having to project a lot of energy to reach their minds when entering for omote. Somehow, ura is easier. That's more chushin and extension. But a forward irimi is harder it seems to me. I'm keeping the attack line though. That's a start.

It was good to play around with Ikkyo like a story being told.
Nage goes for the sword, uke grabs. If nage turns and pulls, uke enters and disables nage.
Nage doesn't, keeps extension. Uke tries to go in, but nage counters easily.
Impasse. Nage brings center without intimidating uke. Drops center and turns chushin. Draws the sword and cuts!

Don't forget, awase on the hands. Without this, sinking and kuzushi would be impossible to achieve properly and you will be opened to attack. Extension is key too. Without which, any movement will encroach his sphere of power.

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