Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Aiki Camp 2010

Well, I just landed at KLIA and I'm back home, well not exactly, but close enough anyway. Its been a fully packed 5 days in Jakarta with training for everyday except on our arrival day. Even as I write this, I regret we didn't have more time to go over some of the things I have niggling issues with. At that, I must say I'm guilty as everybody else in trying to learn Aikido within a time line. Unfortunately, that's not realistic nor is it in line with the philosophy behind learning a martial arts like Aikido. Intellectually I know that, but having the responsibility of teaching kind of puts you in a tight spot. Normally this wouldn't happen when a dojo would only have a Sensei of a high enough level in skill, knowledge and training attached to it. When your sensei and sempai are in another country though, that luxury no longer applies.

In any case, our last lesson with Sensei in this trip really stressed the need for us to train to the order of our abilities. Nominally this would mean kihon waza for all of us with some ki no nagare techniques thrown in for spice. Everything will point back to our command of genri i.e. fudo genri and kihon genri. For the yudanshas, we need to also try to apply aiki genri as much as we can in the course of teaching and training.

Sensei's experience is that, you can only teach and show so much. The student has to work hard yes, but in the end...knowledge is a gift, not a right. Some receive the gift faster than others, others... well, some others might be gifted in other areas.

Now, I'll be going over the things we've done in our Aiki camp soon enough over the course of the next few days. But this is it for today.

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