Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kata dori Menuchi ikkyo

Just a short clip, but I was whiling my time away link to link and came across this one of Tamura sensei. Very interesting...

In the first iteration, nage atemi's even as uke grabs and strikes. Thus from the atemi, could even cut down the men uchi hand before going for ikkyo at the katadori hand.

In the 2nd iteration, Tamura sensei is pointing out that we should not stay to perform ikkyo on the hand, and instead to irimi before the ikkyo.

In the 3rd iteration, he was pointing out that the atemi hand is not a block for the men uchi. In this instance when you lose chushin (and uke's), uke has gained control of the attacking line.

In the 4th iteration, he sinks and controls the vertical space.

I love it!

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