Monday, August 16, 2010

Check these links out... they have really good pointers!

This 2 links are really good. It seems they've analysed the Aikido movements in a measurable and biomechanical way, instead of the usual 'Extend Ki' gross oversimplification that we tend to do. Some of the pointers require a good understanding of principles and techniques, some require knowledge of key terms relating to the school itself (I'm guessing Tomiki maybe)... They often do randori, which are full fledge resistance 'competition' that have winners and losers as both Uke and Nage. So... because of the uncooperative nature of those encounters, one would need to have a good strategy and tactics to overcome resistance. In this, they have the advantage of us.

Looking at it from another angle, one school advances methods of training to take someone down and lists down the 'correct' self-position against each possible opponent-position. The other school, advocates refining and mastering principles and its application irrespective of the situation. Its probably faster to learn how to deal with opponents in the first school if you're the methodical, fast learner, intelligent and logical type. The other school however would be harder to attain a degree of mastery in a short time due to the looseness of its teaching methodology that emphasises self discovery through experience and intuition. It never hurts to try each school's ideas out, and any knowledge is good to learn.

So... first link:
Second link:

Don't fret if you don't understand this... even understanding our 5 principles in the Fudo genri is difficult, much less understanding or doing the 100 points listed in the guides above.

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