Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recap over Saturday and Sunday's class.

We did a lot of Ikkyo yesterday. Going through kihon from kosadori, to gyakuhanmi, morotedori and shomenuchi. We also did shihonage from dynamic open door movement and also sorewaza instead of hanmi handachi. All these training is motivated into training the center to be the strong foundation, not the legs and also to practice floating the hands which is essential in Aiki Kenkyukai methodology.

Today we did more iriminage. Starting with basic sokumenage, then into gyakuhanmi iriminage, morotedori, shomenuchi. We also looked closely at extension and a bit of musubi pulling and entering at the end. On the whole, the idea today was to look at how we extend during static movement and how that translates into dynamic movement. We also looked at moving body with kokyu. Sinking center using kokyu for both static and dynamic movement. Half step and letting uke through (which revisits our opening door training yesterday). This extending from kamae, sinking as uke attacks, and half step is the key to allowing uke through and not clashing with him. Our zero power hand ensures we accept his energy without stopping the movement. Both hands leading him in equilibrium means we control his center, not his hands or neck.

Much of the mistakes we caught today lies in:
1. Avoiding the attack or attempting to deflect it.
2. Moving the body from the line of attack, instead of creating space through sinking and using half step movement.
3. Moving backwards i.e. pulling uke instead of going forwards and leading him.
4. Once sinked, attempting to throw uke upwards instead of letting him go up and fall on his own. Cutting centre.

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