Monday, February 22, 2010

Seminar with Sensei Hakim coming up!

Ok by now, everybody should know about the upcoming seminar with Sensei Hakim, this 28th March (Sunday). As of now the venue is still at the dojo. Once we get more early bird sign ups we will consider to upgrade into a bigger venue.

For those who hasn't seen Sensei in action, here's a teaser clip. In this video, the first time he demonstrates a purely physical technique for kotegaishe. The 2nd and 3rd, he demonstrates ala Takeda style. No form but with Aiki. The 4th time he demonstrates with form but with Aiki. As with everything we do, its not enough to see it with your eyes. You got to feel it. Especially when Sensei demonstrates practising with spirit.

So please sign up early and help the dojo out.

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